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Lead Auditor and Client Manager


Dubai – United Arab Emirates

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Meiyappan Masilamani, presently working as a Lead Auditor / Client Manager in a Third Party Certification Body at Dubai, UAE. Advocating and Doctoring through audits for various ISO management system standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 20000-1, ISO 18295 -Part 1&2, ISO 37001). Professional occupation established since 1998, 4 years in Automotive, 2 years in Software, 18 years with multiple Third Party Certification Bodies. Having around 2 decades of Industrial Experience. The journey covered from raw material production to finished goods covering Automotive, Software, Industrial, Leisure and Consumables. Crossing around 2000 Person Days of external audit in the capacity of Auditor and Lead Auditor. Handled good number of trainings in the capacity of Tutor. Successfully maintaining IRCA Principal Auditor qualification (6011281) for past 4 cycles. Societal emphasis on establishment, implement and maintain the ISO standards. With Blockchain being involved from May 2019 through surfing and mailers. By June 2019 verified with the present practice and Blockchain, found the readiness of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger System ISO standard. By the end of June 2019 As the intent of this technology is promoting the TRUST on the application being built to create a Self-sovereign identity of an individual with Peer to Peer and incentive for each transaction. Building a society towards universal cryptocurrency and citizenship. The approach of this BC & DLT is very much like the ISO standard’s management systems, which very much impressed me to continue to get nurtured in Blockchain. The openness and immutability of the transaction in this application has huge potential for honest work which is not recognized much now. I build myself in Blockchain to ensure right Blockchain based solutions are floated with the correct understanding and knowledge of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger System from the Architecture Level to the deliverable. Other goals would be to standardize the cryptocurrency value as a Universal currency value rather like fiat currency value; To create a Self-sovereign identity for each individual and have global citizenship. Keeping ahead more goals, I hope knowledge gained would be shared to develop the society. If we want a CHANGE, we are to be the CHANGE and we will see the CHANGE. Completed the course from INSEAD on Blockchain Revolution for Enterprises Specialization (July2019-Oct2019) covering four modules 1. Introduction to Blockchain Technologies; 2.Transacting on Blockchain; 3. Blockchain and Business: Applications and Implications and 4. Blockchain Opportunity Analysis Tutored by Mr.Don Tapscott and Mr.Alex Tapscott of Blockchain Research Institute. Completed Blockchain Foundation Course at GBA (Oct2020). Successfully continuing GBA member for 2 cycles. Volunteered with my personal capacity as GBA member and appointed as a Working Group Leader for the Standards and Certification Working Group GBA. Managed to be a part of GBBP as a node owner. Milestone achievement – April 30th 2022 Development and Release of the Genesis version of BMM Requirements and 100 NFTs. Managing few conventional applications towards their enhancement to Blockchain Solution.

Professional Goals & Objectives

To be a part of the Blockchain Technology Standardization.

Domain Experience

Agriculture, Automotive, College/University Professor, Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Construction / Home Improvement, Education /Training, Entertainment / Recreation, Environmental & Waste Management, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Hospitality & Leisure, Manufacturing, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations, Pharmaceutical / Research / Biotechnology, Risk & Compliance, Utilities & Energy

Use Case Experience

Asset Management, Identity Management, Intellectual Property, Voting / Election Systems

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English, Hindi

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