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Common Sense Solutions

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Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Courses Available

Common Sense Solutions (CSS) is in the business of QualityReliability, and Innovations. We have a proven track record of helping organizations establish quality and process improvement programs to be more competitive, efficient, profitable, and reliable.

  • Performed over 100 appraisals for CMMI
  • Performed over 80+ audits per year for ISO 
  • Performed training services for certification bodies, federal contract clients, and private organizations 
  • Training for Certified Blockchain Consultants

Blockchain Foundations

This is a full one-day course that explains the fundamentals of blockchain technology and prepares students for its potential impact.

Blockchain Healthcare Specialist

the course focuses on healthcare applications for blockchain technology.  Examples and use cases will be focused on the work by the GBA Healthcare Working Group and its publications.