Government Business Blockchain Platform

Government Business Blockchain Platform

What is the GBBP?

The GBBP is a multi-blockchain platform that has been developed by the GBA as a common environment for GBA members, chapters, and working groups to use to develop and deploy blockchain applications for government services. GBA Working Groups are building platforms that can use the GBBP to network different blockchain applications together and can connect different blockchain applications that are related to each other. For example, the GBA is building out the following domain-specific platforms:

Why Build It?

Every government in the world must perform similar business functions including licensing, contracting, grant management, and other legal, regulatory, enforcement, and constituent services. For example, every local municipality must buy, develop, and maintain technology to issue licenses. Blockchain solutions are being developed for government uses. However, many of them are being built on different blockchains that are not interoperable. This is making governments more fragmented and less efficient. The redundant and wasted resources are staggering. If a small number of applications existed for governments to use, they could white label their portal and the wasted resources could be directed at more beneficial services.

Citizen Services Blockchain Platform

This solution provides services like birth certificates, marriage licenses, business licenses, building permits, and death certificates. This platform enables solutions to connect and interoperate providing integrated solutions to governments to serve their constituents. 

Emergency Management Platform

This solution collects data from various blockchain applications related to natural disasters, public health, and civil disturbance emergencies and provides emergency managers with critical, real-time information. This information is related to threats, responders, and resource data. The information is presented in a dashboard that helps emergency managers respond to urgent situations

Healthcare Delivery Blockchain Platform (HDBP)

This platform allows the collection of data from blockchain applications for patients, providers, administrators, emergency personnel, pharmaceutical and equipment suppliers, social services, and law enforcement professionals. The initial focus of this platform focuses on mental health. However, it will be expanded to more general healthcare delivery capabilities later.

Cryptocurrency Maturity Profile

This dashboard allows for the collection of economic data concerning cryptocurrencies and their impact on governments. The dashboard allows public and private sector finance executives to understand and respond to challenges resulting from the adoption and use of cryptocurrencies.

How Does It Work?

The GBBP Node software is designed to use few computing resources and can run on a Raspberry Pi. The hardware can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and requires minimal electricity.
Set Up Node On UbuntuSet Up Node On RaspberryPi

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