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Toronto, ON, Canada

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"Certified Ethereum Blockchain Developer (York University, Toronto ON) Fintech Developer and Architect Owner of SAAS Fintech Company Licensed Stock Broker (past) Bernie has been delivering advanced educational presentations for 25 years. Articulating and teaching new and emerging concepts has been a long time passion of mine. Educating people and organizations on the benefits of Blockchain, DLT and Smart Contracts is always an exciting and effervescing experience. In the nascent field of DLT and smart contract development it is my wish to lead government, organizations, businesses and individuals into this new frontier of transparency and security by supplying meaningful understandings of the capabilities of the platform and through successful development & deployment of DApps. Many years of sales and marketing experience combined with public speaking and training have aligned me to arrive at the threshold of the Blockchain Revolution with practical and pertinent experience that is accessible to many and elevating for all. With almost 10 years of software development experience the practical application of DApps is an enormously attractive proposition. Refine Labs currently has 3 DApp projects under feasibility study and or development including an IoT project and a Fintech DApp. Please contact me just for a friendly chat, these days communication is education."

Professional Goals & Objectives

My learning objective is to closely observe real world applications of DLT and to measure the manifold benefits they result in. Specifically in the areas of Fintech and Engineering where I currently have blockchain projects underway.

Domain Experience

Construction / Home Improvement, Education /Training, Environmental & Waste Management, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations, Mining, Other

Use Case Experience

Financial Instruments

Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum

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Part Time

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