Last Name

F. Janssen


Fintech and Blockchain Association (FAB)




Plinio 72, Cerro Alegre, Valparaiso


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Summary of Experience

Buidl, Science & Technology. Former Use Case Facilitator in a Layer 1 Blockchain from Arizona, USA. Latam Academic Coordinator for Fintech and Blockchain Association. Founder/CEO Consultants in Blockchain StartUp. Founder/CEO Having Fun Mitoceutics. Researcher, developer and teacher of Blockchain on EdTech. Media and radio podcaster and Disruption Edtech.

Professional Goals & Objectives

"My goals with Blockchain technology revolve around collaborating and promoting its use through dissemination, socialization, and community-oriented developments. This includes addressing the challenges of the climate crisis and supporting applications that can establish sustainable and respectful businesses for both human beings and, essentially, the environment. Secondly, I aim to utilize and develop intelligent solutions that enable the improvement and optimization of businesses, projects, and governmental organizations. This involves the creation of public policies and private initiatives focused on generating wealth and human well-being, enhancing effective and rational environmental protection, and fostering the cultural and technological evolution of humanity in general, with a particular emphasis on diverse communities worldwide, especially those that are vulnerable. I believe in family, the future, and the intelligent and rational use of technology to create a future for all children on the planet, leveraging the tools of open source code."

Domain Experience

Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, College/University Professor, Education /Training, Government / Military / Defense, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations, Other, Pharmaceutical / Research / Biotechnology, Smart Cities

Use Case Experience

Asset Management, Financial Instruments, Information Management, Intellectual Property, Security, Supply Chain Management, Voting / Election Systems, Other

Blockchain Development Experience

Ethereum, Other

Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Chainlink, EOS, Ethereum, Monero, Other

Languages Spoken

English, Spanish

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Part Time

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Government Roles

Government Administrator, Civil Servant (Employee), Government Contractor, Other