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Summary of Experience

I was born in Slovenia and has always been fascinated by the worldwide economy and evolving technologies, such as Blockchain. I entered the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies during my research of the future of World potential in financial markets. I was especially attracted to the idea of decentralization of data and unlimited dimensions that technology of this sort enables us. In the past few years, I realized that in order to understand this new technology, through research and extensive comprehension of various terms is a necessity. I decided to bring this new technology closer to the general public in my homeland, so in 2017 I published a book (step-by-step guide) to introduce blockchain and crypto world to whoever wants to learn more about it. It was the first book about cryptocurrencies in Slovenian language. I am selected as a TOP writer at in topics Investing, Finance, and Bitcoin. Currently, I am a Special Writer at Slovenian Business Club, Crypto News Writer at Altcoin Magazine, Content Editor/Writer at,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Professional Goals & Objectives

I have a passion for not only providing the information but for helping people understand.

Domain Experience

Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Education /Training, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations

Use Case Experience

Data Analytics, Financial Instruments

Blockchain Development Experience


Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, NEM, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitshares, Steemit, EOS, Zcash, Other

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Part Time

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