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Summary of Experience

The Distrio Team has deep experience executing regulated international cannabis and hemp product transactions controlled by seed-to-sale ERP technology. The mCOA, powered by The Distrio, is a tokenised product data object containing Laboratory, ERP, and QA data plus laboratory, producer, and product metadata for integration and transmission across supply chain systems. This provides acceleration of quality assurance workflows in highly-regulated international trade, which allows business transactions to be completed faster, in a more transparent and auditable manner.

Professional Goals & Objectives

MRP – Materials Resource Planning, Smart Contracts and Automated Fulfillment

Domain Experience

Accounting, Agriculture, Artificial Intelligence, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical / Research / Biotechnology, Risk & Compliance

Use Case Experience

Asset Management, Budget Management, Data Analytics, Electronic Medical Records, Information Management, Permits & License Management, Records Management, Supply Chain Management

Blockchain Development Experience


Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum

Languages Spoken

English, French, German, Hindi, Spanish

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Not Looking

Government Roles

Government Director / Manager