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We at Voatz believe voting should be convenient, secure, accessible, auditable, and transparent.  Voatz has completed over 90 elections in the US and abroad. For jurisdictions that permit electronic remote voting, election officials invite registered voters to download the Voatz’ app on their device.  The eligible voter then creates an account using their mobile number and email, followed by a secure process to verify their identity.  The voter then receives their mobile ballot, and uses their device to privately and accessibly mark and review their choices. When their ballot is cast, it is recorded anonymously and immutably on the Voatz blockchain.  

Voatz uses a “permissioned” blockchain requiring the node operators to be vetted via an independent process. Typically, these nodes may include all the stakeholders in an election such as the presiding election authority, major political parties, independent auditors, etc. This reflects the way elections are currently administered and observed as well as supporting comprehensive post-election auditing.

(Voatz utilizes a multi-node Hyperledger-based permissioned blockchain network that is geographically diversified across multiple FedRAMP-certified cloud service providers and locations.) 


  • DeVOTE – An end-to-end decentralized trustless remote ballot marking and return system utilizing groth16 technology on the leading Everscale blockchain. Built by the Everscale community, it allows for satisfaction of the legal requirement of permanent separation of voter affidavit and voter bulletin. Piloted at the GBA Blockchain and Infrastructure Conference in Washington, DC, in May 2022, the system is open source, affordable and indisputable.
  • Follow My Vote – Follow My Vote’s mission is to promote Truth and Freedom by empowering individuals to communicate clearly and, together, effectively implement peaceful solutions to societal problems. To this end, Follow My Vote (FMV) is striving to develop secure open-source end-to-end verifiable blockchain-based voting/polling software to be utilized in a variety of use cases, to include political elections.

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