Working Group News

Working Groups are coordinating with Javon Swint to accomplish three goals. They are:

  • Develop BMM Supplemental Standards. However, members of the working group are encouraged to take the Intro to BMM Online Course for the foundational knowledge to work on and develop the supplements.
  • Blockchain Resource Pages ‚Äď Each working group is being asked to develop a resource page as a way to promote the members of each working group. For an example, see the Voting Resource Page.
  • Establishing Subject Matter Expertise (SME) criteria, training, and tests.

Below are some highlights of specific working groups.

The AI group has drafted the AI BMM Supplement, and it is now available for public comment. You can download it and provide comments on the BMM Documents Page.

This group has two projects in development. They are:

  • Development of the Blockchain & Digital Asset Management Course. This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of digital asset management. Students will learn the legal, financial, economic, and governance aspects essential for responsible digital asset management. Students will learn the principles and issues related to the management of digital assets enabling them to navigate jurisdictional variations and learn when to seek professional advice.
  • Development of a BMM Token Supplement to evaluate the trustworthiness of a Token. This project will being done in coordination with the Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group.

This group is developing blockchain training for banking & financial services based on the requirements described in the Banking & Financial Services BMM Supplement.

This group is responsible for implementing the technology used by the GBA. The group currently has 6 projects. They are:

  1. Establishment of a Decision Analysis & Resolution Process to select technology solutions for the GBA.
  2. Establishing a GBA document & data repository
  3. Establishing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  4. Coordinating with CompTIAon the development of Blockchain Technology Training & Certification
  5. The University of Chicago Tech Team is providing a team of approximately 15 Computes Science students to build technology for the GBA.
  6. The GBA is exploring establishing a blockchain for the United Nations IGF Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance & Standardization

This group is:

  • Developing a Food Supply Chain Supplement to the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM)
  • Showcasing Successful Blockchain Projects
  • Supporting Supply Chain Projects with AI Grant Service
  • Networking and Business Opportunities

It meets every other Wedensday. See the event calendar post for details.

The Gaming Group is about to release the Gaming BMM Supplement for review. They are looking for blockchain-based solutions to pilot the BMM Gaming Supplement. Who will be the first solution to have a GBA BMM Gaming Rating?

This group is developing a BMM DAO Supplement to support the DAO being developed by GBA member, GOSH to support the UN IGF Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance & Standardization. The goal will be to perform a BMM DAO assessment as criteria to formally establish a permanent DAO.

The group meets every Wednesday in two instances to accommodate time zones from the Americas to India: 7am EST and 3pm EST. To see the details log into the GBA website and visit the Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) Calendar Event. Note: You can only see the event if you are logged into the GBA website.  Please be sure to create your own calendar reminder. If you have any problems or questions, message

The GBA Housing Group meets on Fridays. Find out about the Housing Blockchain Network on February 2 & 16 at 1:00 PM to learn about this project.

The ID Management group has drafted the Identity Management BMM Supplement, and it is now available for public comment. You can download it and provide comments on the BMM Documents Page.

This group for individuals or organizations that are interested in starting a new blockchain project or entity or are seeking to scale their existing entity in the US or globally. It also includes individuals and groups that are interested in learning about new funding or investing in blockchain based initiatives. For details log onto the GBA website and go to Investor & Startup Calendar Event (only available to logged in GBA members)

This group meets every Friday and is drafting the Land Titling BMM Supplement. Details about the meeting are on the Calendar Event Page. Contact Muhammad Saleem for additional details.

This group focuses on developing informational materials and events to help people understand the legal impacts of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies and activities. The group is also working on the Cryptocurrency and Exchange Act of 2024 Model Law for distribution to over 150 countiries

Attend the kickoff meeting on January 31st at 2:00 PM (New York). Log into the GBA website and visit the Quantum & Blockchain Kickoff Meeting (members only).

This group meets on the second Tuesday of each month from 6 pm-7pm (New York). Visit the Smart City Event Calendar Page.

This group is collecting the lessons learned and feedback from the first several assessments and preparing to publish the next version of the BMM.

This group will have their inaugural meeting on Jan. 31 AT 1:00 PM (New York). For details log onto the GBA website and visit the Space Working Group Calendar Event.

This working group is actively translating GBA assets like the BMM into Spanish and extending GBA benefits into the Spanish speaking world.

This group is not yet active. However, we are looking for ways to engage with students and educational institutions.

The Voting Working group is currently working on establishing the process and technology to plan and execute the GBA Board Elections.