Announcement Regarding Blockchain Technology for Land Registry Offices in Brazil

Ubitquity, LLC, a Blockchain company with a land registry focus is now expanding their presence in South America.¬† I am pleased to update you that Ubitquity¬†has recently contracted me to¬†work on the development and implementation of an outreach program with strategies promoting and licensing¬†Ubitquity‚Äôs¬†blockchain technology platform for use with Brazil‚Äôs land registry offices.¬† ¬† This new business development effort in Brazil directly follows the successful execution of Ubitquity’s pilot program with a land registry office in the southern State of Rio Grande do Sul.

In essence  1)  I am introducing Ubitquity’s blockchain services and resources to the Brazilian real estate industry and 2) exploring opportunities to strengthen the various sectors of the real estate market with blockchain technologies.

Some of the challenges or pain points in Brazils’ real estate industry related to its land registry sector include the following;

  • Brazil lacks an integrated system of land management;
  • Land administration is fragmented and occurs at different government levels
  • Cadastral database and the registration databases kept by the real estate registry offices are not integrated and different identifiers are used for the same piece of land
  • Creates uncertainty around identification of the property
  • No electronic database for checking encumbrances (liens, mortgages, restrictions, etc.).

Ubitquity specializes in the transfer and registration of property ownership offering a simple user experience for securely recording, storing, and tracking property deeds and land records. It is a leader and pioneer in providing blockchain services to the real estate industry ‚Ästworldwide.

Attached is a slide deck introducing Ubitquity and its objectives in Brazil:    Ubitquity Brasil Intro Slides English


John Dean Markunas¬†is a real estate industry Blockchain Adviser and Front-End Business Development Consultant and Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Consultancy.¬† John’s practice has a global outlook that includes expertise and focus in Latin America. He is the International Business Development Consultant for¬†UBITQUITY LLC.

John is an active member of the¬†International Real Estate Blockchain Association¬†(IBREA) both the New York City and S√£o Paulo, Brazil IBREA Chapters. He is also a member of the¬†Government Blockchain Association¬†(GBA) and the Leader of GBA’s¬†Land Titling Working Group, which is dedicated to developing best practices and communication tools for educational outreach to land registry offices on a global basis.¬† He can be contacted at:¬†




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