Brazil Blockchain Land Registry Case Study Published

With the paucity of blockchain use-case studies and pilot programs for us to reference,¬† I am excited to announce the publication of an unprecedented Blockchain case study executed by the¬†University of British Columbia‚Äės blockchain research group in collaboration with the¬†National Archives of Brazil, the blockchain company¬†Ubitquity¬†and other key participants.

The study’s goal was to examine how Blockchain can improve the quality of record keeping in Brazil and increase efficiency and operate within local laws.

The study analyzed the successful registration of a property in Brazil on the Blockchain by Ubitquity’s blockchain platform last year in conjunction with a real estate registry office located in the southern State of Rio Grande do Sul.

The study’s findings demonstrate how tokenization can work in the context of blockchain-based land transaction recording, and flag directions for possible further solution development, such as key management, data architecture, identity management to establish the authenticity of ledger-based transactions, and long-term preservation.

Below is the link to the English version of this in-depth study for your review. (Please email me to request the Portuguese language version).

I believe you find the research in this case study interesting, educational with practical and lucid explanations of the issues of land registry in Brazil.



John Dean Markunas¬†is a real estate industry Blockchain Adviser and Front-End Business Development Consultant and Principal Consultant with Power of Chain Consultancy.¬† John’s practice has a global outlook that includes expertise and focus in Latin America. He is the International Business Development Consultant for¬†UBITQUITY LLC.

John is an active member of the¬†International Real Estate Blockchain Association¬†(IBREA) both the New York City and S√£o Paulo, Brazil IBREA Chapters. He is also a member of the¬†Government Blockchain Association¬†(GBA) and the Leader of GBA’s¬†Land Titling Working Group, which is dedicated to developing best practices and communication tools for educational outreach to land registry offices on a global basis.¬† John can be contacted at:¬†


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