Update: Blockchain Healthcare Certification

The GBA Healthcare Working Group is continuing to develop the blockchain certification specialist course and standards. When complete, the course will become part of the GBA Global certification program. The GBA currently has about 15,000 people connected to 90 chapters around the world. The Certification Course will become available through GBA Licenced Training Partners once the Healthcare Working Group completes its work. The certification course will include fourteen modules. The modules and the points of contact for each module development team are:

  1. Healthcare Megatrends & Intro to Blockchain Technologies (Gerard Dache, Javier Vazquez & Sam Nathens)
  2. Blockchain in Healthcare: The Big Picture (Wassim Merheby & Sam Nathens)
  3. Blockchain in Clinical Trials Management (Siddhi Trivedi, Wendy Charles & Natalie Pankova)
  4. Blockchain in Data Management/ Access/ Control + Consent Management (Miles Vaughn. Ruth Amos, Steve Wishstar, Sam Nathens & Mirko DeMalde)
  5. Blockchain in Drugs Supply Chain & Anti-counterfeiting (Arnab Paul, Wassim Merheby & Erika Beerbrower)
  6. Blockchain in Insurances: Claims Management/ Fraud Reduction (Susana Esteban & Johnny Nobles)
  7. Blockchain in Improving Administrative Processes (Susana Esteban)
  8. Blockchain in a Value-Based Healthcare System (Natalie Pankova, Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes & Gordon Jones)
  9. New Business Models in Healthcare & the Role of Tokenization (Brennan Bennett, Steve Wishstar & Erika Beerbrower)
  10. From Acute Care to Prevention: The role of Blockchain in 4Ps Medicine Focus on the Evolution of the Care Delivered by Healthcare Providers (Miles Vaughn & Felipe McAlister)
  11. Regulatory, such as HIPAA and GDPR (Miles Vaughn, Ruth Amos, Javier Vazquez, Sam Nathens, Brennan Bennett & Mia Marenco)
  12. Technical Implementation and Challenges (Steve Wishstar, Sam Nathens & Anton Hasselgren)
  13. Business Challenges (Natalie Pankova, Sam Nathens, Arnab Paul, Anton Hasselgren & Felipe McAlister)
  14. Cultural Challenges (Susana Esteban, Sam Nathens  & Mia Marenco)

For more information about the Healthcare Working group and to find out how you can be a part of this effort, please contact Marquis Allen and to find out how to become a GBA Licenced Training Partner, please go to the GBA Training Partnership website page.



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