GBA Technology News

We are in the process of migrating our existing website to a new cloud-based platform. This new platform will give our Website Development Team, Mark Waser and Skyler Dache, the ability to quickly add new functionality while improving performance and ease of use. One of the new capabilities will be for countries to have their own site that integrates with the global site. This will allow more local autonomy, use of local national currency, and other features that are important for compliance with national standards. We will also be able to provide more customized solutions for communication and collaboration. We are currently seeking feature requests and other improvement requests. Please email any feature requests or improvement suggestions to our support team at

We are also continuing our development of the GBA blockchain and reward token (*not* an ICO). We are looking for both developers (any of NodeJS, Solidity or any other blockchain language) and people willing to host blockchain nodes or gateways to other blockchains. We are also looking for developers experienced with other blockchains to help us create gateways to those blockchains. More details will be available shortly. If you are interested, please contact Mark Waser.

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