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Update on the GBA Training Program
The GBA Training Program closed out 2020 with two training partner conference calls, one call in the morning and one call in the afternoon to accommodate global GBA Training Partners in numerous time zones. Eric Guthrie, Esq., GBA Director of Training Programs and Gerard Dache, GBA Executive Director presided over the calls.
Essentially, the GBA Training Partner Conference Call consisted of three components: 1. Report on the GBA Training Program. 2. Future news for the GBA Blockchain Program. 3. Feedback from GBA Training Partners on the GBA Training Program. All of the components are discussed below.
Report on the GBA Training Program
Gerard and I recapped the Blockchain Certification Training content updates and discussed the design of the industry specialized blockchain courses including: healthcare, cyber security, finance and legal.
Future News for the GBA Blockchain Program
GBA plans on increasing the frequency of blockchain certification courses and increasing support to GBA Training Partners. One way the GBA Training Program will increase support is to conduct GBA Training Partner Conference Calls on a quarterly basis. Another plan is to provide GBA Training Partners with a platform to write articles in any language.
Feedback from Training Partners on the GBA Training Program
GBA training partners liked the report and future news and provided the additional feedback:
  • Translation of the GBA Certification materials into different languages, especially Spanish.
  • Increase the ability of GBA Training Partners to add their training to the GBA training calendar.
Gerard and I look forward to increasing the opportunities for GBA Training Providers. Please be sure to contact Gerard or me with any questions or recommendations.
Thank you.
GBA Director of Training Programs

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