Government Business Blockchain Platform (GBBP)

Why Build the GBBP

Every government in the world must perform similar business functions including licensing, contracting, grant management, and other legal, regulatory, enforcement, and constituent services. For example, every local municipality must buy, develop, and maintain technology to issue licenses. Blockchain solutions are being developed for government uses. However, many of them are being built on different blockchains that are not interoperable. This is making government more fragmented and less efficient. The redundant and wasted resources are staggering. If a small number of applications existed for governments to use, they could white label their portal and the wasted resources could be directed at more beneficial services.

What is the GBBP?

The GBBP is a multi-blockchain platform that has been developed by the GBA as a common environment for GBA members, chapters, and working groups to use to develop and deploy blockchain applications for government services.

How Does it Benefit GBA Members?

GBA members may connect their blockchain solution to the GBBP and it acts as a marketplace for government services. The services on the GBBP are sold to governments on a fee-for-services basis. GBA members may generate income by charging for their service or by hosting a node on the GBBP. Funds received from services are distributed to members that provide application services and/or host nodes.

How Does It Work?

  • What is Involved in Hosting a GBBP Node and How Do I Do It?

The GBBP Node software is designed to use few computing resources and can run on a Raspberry Pi. The hardware can be purchased for a few hundred dollars and requires minimal electricity. For detailed instructions to download the software and run a GBBP Node please contact Mark Waser.

  • How Do I Get My Blockchain Solution on the GBBP?

Any GBA organizational member may apply to connect their blockchain application to the GBBP. The minimum criteria for a product to be connected to meet the criteria defined as Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) Level Three. For more information about connecting your application to the GBBP, please contact Mark Waser.

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