Strategies to Unlock Business Cash Flow

Diligentiam, a GBA member organization helps organizations use new and existing government incentives to unlock the cash flow in their business.  They have offered to conduct a free analysis to determine if a company qualifies for government incentives to stimulate the business and the economy. These tax changes have allowed companies to claim millions of dollars of tax and incentives as new cashflow. 

Watch a presentation that they recently made for the GBA Washington Chapter. In their presentation, Leveraging the US Tax Code to Fund Your Business, they outline several strategies that companies can use to claim tax credits for current and previous years. This results in huge amounts of cash flow available to companies right now. This presentation includes:

  • Research & Development Tax Credit
  • Cost Segregation
  • Interest Charged – Domestic International Sales Corporation (IC-DISC)
  • Payroll Protection Plan
  • Economic Injury Disaster Relief
  • NOL Carrybacks

To get more information or to schedule a free analysis please fill out the form below.

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