The Government Blockchain Association is pleased to announce that Mr. Meiyappan Masilamani will be leading the Government Blockchain Association’s  Standards & Certification Working GroupMr. Masilamani is an ISO-9000 Lead Auditor with over 30 years of quality and process improvement experience. He lives in Dubai and will be leading the global working group from the Middle East.

This group focuses on assuring and ensuring the quality, accountability, reliability, and sustainability of blockchain solutions. The group develops risk-based standards for the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of blockchain solutions. These standards can and should be used for the assessment and evaluation of products, processes, and organizations to support the acquisition management and source selection. The group will also explore, experiment with, and implement Decentralized Autonomous Organizational (DAO) governance models to establish, maintain, and assess compliance with standards and models.

The first project for the working group is the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM). The model has five levels and includes both generic expectations that should be met by all blockchain solutions and specific expectations that are uniquely applied to use cases. For example, all blockchain solutions should meet the same standards for security, sustainability, and resiliency. However, identity management solutions and voting solutions would have unique expectations based on their applications for different uses.

We plan to release the model at the GBA’s Government Blockchain Week in Washington, DC in May 2021. This event will include World-Class Speakers from governments all around the world. The model will be promoted as an acquisition tool to help government procurement professionals evaluate blockchain solutions for government contracts and purchases. For more information about this group, please contact  Mr. Meiyappan Masilamani.