GBA Launches the Healthcare Delivery Blockchain Platform (HDBP) Project

On November 7, 2020 the GBA Healthcare Working Group (sub-workgroup HDBP) kicked off the development of the Healthcare Delivery Blockchain Platform (HDBP).

The proposed project led by Dr. Ann Ingraham will provide a blockchain delivery platform (Healthcare Delivery Blockchain Platform (HDBP)) to elevate the technical interoperability between distributed healthcare systems and care providers to expand the delivery of healthcare services to underserved communities with health disparities such as:
1) Mental Healthcare Delivery
2) Rural Healthcare Delivery
3) Community-based Healthcare Delivery

Two use cases are under consideration:

Use Case #1: Enhancing Interoperability to achieve the Quadruple Aim and improve population health
The Quadruple Aim is a compass that guides a health system in:

a) Improving Quality
b) Improving Patient-centered care
c) Improving Value-based care, and
d) Improving Provider experience

2) Elevate and optimize mental health data exchange to enhance care coordination

3) Promote elevated interdisciplinary healthcare delivery within the mental health patient’s care ecosystem, lessen the interoperability gap, and optimize a health system’s performance — especially between systems at the community level

4) Improve safety, security, equity, and effectiveness of data exchange between caregivers, case managers, prescribers, and social services.

5) Enhance shared decision-making interventions in community mental health

Use Case #2: Pharmacogenomics: Medication Management to treat Mental Health

Pharmacogenomics data is becoming an integral means to clinical treatment and decision-making. Pharmacogenomics describes the results of particular gene-drug interactions, allowing researchers and physicians to predict how specific patients will respond to a given drug based on the genetic variants they possess.

Because of the increasing reliance on pharmacogenomics for medical treatment, data corruption or data loss can directly impact treatments. Therefore, it is essential to develop a scalable, secure, highly-reliable, tamper-proof, indelible means for storing, sharing, and updating pharmacogenomics databases via smart contracts.

Members of the HDBP Working Group include:
Dr. Ann Ingraham
Dr. Wendy Charles
Marquis Allen
Shiv Aggarwal
Denise Ferguson
Kenneth Wolstenholme
Andy Bilmon
Eugene Morozov & TON Labs Team
Mark Waser
Angela Cims-Ceja

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