The GBA presents the European Blockchain Roundtable

Europe is ready for blockchain, and the GBA European leaders are discussing blockchain solutions.

On May 27 @ 11:00 am¬†–¬†1:00 pm¬†UTC-5, The Government Blockchain Association, GBA, will be hosting the European Blockchain Roundtable as a virtual zoom event. Join the GBA European leadership team as they discuss how blockchain is already impacting the framework that holds this continent together.

Topics will include:

  • Local regulations
    • FCA (UK) ‚Äď crypto and defi regulations
    • MiCA (EU) ‚Äď report of regulations
  • Taxation
  • DeFi
  • SSI
  • New trends ‚Äď NFT, CBDC, Decentralized Internet

The EU believes that blockchain technology, when effectively used, can provide significant benefits to European industry, the European economy, and to European society as a whole. For this reason, the European Commission is supporting blockchain on policy, legal and regulatory issues, and funding fronts. At the same time, the European Central Bank is moving towards introducing a digital euro. Europe is ready for blockchain.

Come and join the discussion to find out what Europeans are doing with blockchain technology and how they are working together to solve problems and develop solutions.

” When someone today talks about taxes, with no ideas for simplification and no benefit from using new technologies, then the story is completely outdated!”.

-Ksenija Cipek, Dame of Honor, International Tax Expert, Lawmaker, Project Leader in the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration Croatia, GBA European Leadership.

Speakers Include:

Shiv Aggarwal   HOST Mr. Aggarwal is the GBA European Regional Lead. He is also the CEO of MyEarth.Id, solving the problem of Identity Management using Cryptography and Digital Ledger Technology. Shiv is a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on products and services in niche areas. Shiv has been actively working in the Blockchain industry and has in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Digitial Ledger technologies.

Professor (Dr.)  Joerg Molt  (DE) Dr. Molt is the Founder and Executive Director of SatoshiCon. He has been involved with Bitcoin since its’ inception in 2008 and has started various businesses involving cryptocurrency, training, and education, speaking at conferences around the globe to educate governments and individuals to understand Bitcoin.

Charles Ruffolo¬†¬†(NL) Mr. Ruffolo, the NetworKing, is a Professional Networker who developed networking into a new science ‚Äď proving it is an asset and cornerstone of any flourishing global company. The mission of his company, The NetworKing BV reaches over 250,000 people, is to empower business owners, entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs, governmental officials, and students to utilize networking skills to increase market share and prosperity. The NetworKing BV and the corresponding The Network Club attribute success to founding principles ‚Äď trust and respect while giving back. Utilizing these principles, Ruf has developed long-lasting relationships with many diverse individuals, politicians, celebrities, Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and entrepreneurs around the world. Ruf is an Author writing three books on networking that are available in both English & Dutch.

Ismael Arribas ¬†(ES) Mr. Arribas is an Entrepreneur and owner of Kunfud¬ģ a firm for Global Compliance. Since 2011 he has been implementing all the protocols of Blockchain for Compliance. He is a Spanish Expert at CTN071/SC307 into the International Panel for SG Smart Contracts/Uses cases/Security and Privacy/Identity and Governance

Richard Hallewell  (UK) Mr. Hallewell, who sees himself as a serial disrupter, has spent the last 10 years in the FinTech sector. He was the inventor of the Universal Pricing Model for Merchant Acquirers, as well as the Optimiser software that enables the world’s first merchant service cost comparison platform. His passion now is to drive Fintech Solutions that really make a difference to the everyday lives of the most disadvantaged of communities.

Jilian Godsil  (IE) Ms. Godsil has 30 plus years of Fintech experience. She is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster, and author. She has also been the Chair of blockchain conferences.

Ksenija Cipek  (CR) Ms. Cipek is an International Tax Expert, Lawmaker, Project Leader in the Ministry of Finance, Tax Administration Croatia. She is also a Lecturer at the University of Law, Zagreb. As a Project Leader, Ms. Cipek implemented Compliance Risk Management System in the Croatian Tax Administration. She is experienced in research digitalization and Blockchain technology from the side of Taxes and Tax Administration. Ms. Cipek is also an author.

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