Ahura AI Sponsors Annual Achievement Award for Social Impact

Founder and CEO of Ahura AI Sponsors GBA Annual Achievement Award for Social Impact

Washington DC., 9/30/2021. The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) will present their Annual Achievement Awards for 2021, and Bryan Talebi of Ahura AI will Sponsor the Social Impact Award for the 2nd year in a row.

Since early 2020, the GBA has presented  Annual Achievement Awards for exceptional achievement in Leadership, Innovation, Social Impact, and Courage. Global blockchain innovators are nominated, and four remarkable people win. But each award has a winner and a sponsor. The sponsors for Leadership, Innovation, Social Impact, and Courage have achieved as much as the winners, therefore, the Award for that year, is named after the sponsor.

This year, the Social Impact Award will be named the Bryan Talebi Social Impact Award of 2021.

And what has Bryan Talebi done to make a social impact?


Mr. Talebi was born in a tiny desert village in Iran. Due to political troubles, his parents emigrated to the United States when Talebi was a teenager. Facing cultural, language, and teenage challenges, Mr. Talebi decided to just work harder. By the age of 16, he became an Aerospace Engineer at NASA, started his first company in college, and continued to rise in early-stage technology companies. Today, Bryan runs Ahura AI, an artificial intelligence and biometric data company, enabling people to learn 3x-5x faster than traditional education. The social impact of this technology among the uneducated, or those who must retool and re-educate themselves is immeasurable.

The GBA is proud to have Bryan Talebi as the Sponsor for the 2021 Annual Achievement Award for Social Impact for the second year in a row.

For more information on Ahura AI go to ahuraai.com

For more information on GBA go to gbaglobal.org

The GBA Annual Achievement Awards will be presented from the stage at the Congressional Auditorium of the US Capitol.


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