New American Blockchain Super PAC

The GBA Directory of Government Relations & Lobbying Members has a new addition. The American Blockchain Super Political Action Committee (PAC) is raising $300 million dollars to protect and support present and future innovation of digital assets and blockchain in the United States. It will embrace the preservation of American dominance by challenging all proposed federal legislation that inhibits the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem. For example, the PAC opposes language in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that may result in regressive taxation of cryptocurrency exchanges, digital asset transfers, miners, node operators, bitcoin ATM operators, and software developers.

The PAC is leading several initiatives including:

  • Building a vanguard of new Congressional candidates and reelecting officials who believe in and support cryptocurrency
  • Promoting blockchain innovation & transformation
  • Executing targeted advertising campaigns to support American digital ingenuity and regulation with an emphasis on privacy protections for American investors.¬†¬†

The American Blockchain Super PAC provides an opportunity for every:

  • blockchain organization
  • crypto startup
  • cryptocurrency operator
  • capitalist
  • digital currency investor
  • exchange and
  • node operator and
  • Software developer

to finally galvanize in opposition to obtuse, and harmful legislation by contributing to the Super PAC and effectively influencing regulations and the law.

For more information contact Todd White at the American Blockchain PAC.

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