Request for Comments: Blockchain Based Voting Standards


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Requests Comments on a the
Blockchain Maturity Model
Voting Systems Supplement

As technology continues to revolutionize various sectors, the potential of blockchain in transforming the democratic process is undeniable. With its inherent attributes of transparency, immutability, and decentralization, blockchain has the capacity to enhance the integrity and trustworthiness of elections and voting systems worldwide.

In our pursuit of fostering more secure and inclusive democratic processes, the IGF Blockchain Assurance and Standardization Dynamic Coalition has been diligently working on a comprehensive Blockchain Standard tailored specifically for elections. However, we believe that the most effective standards emerge through collective collaboration and input from experts and stakeholders like you.

This is an open invitation to all professionals, policymakers, academics, technologists, and enthusiasts in the fields of blockchain and governance to join forces with us. Your insights, critiques, and perspectives are essential in ensuring the standard is robust, adaptable, and addresses the diverse challenges faced by election systems globally.

🔍 What areas does the Blockchain Standard cover?

  • Identity verification and authentication of voters
  • Ballot casting, tracking, and counting procedures
  • Ensuring voter privacy and anonymity
  • Security measures against cyber threats and attacks
  • Transparency and auditability of the entire process

🗓️ How can you contribute and participate?
1. Download & review the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) and the Voting Supplement.
2. Share your expert opinions, recommendations, and any potential concerns you identify in the form below.
3. Participate in monthly discussions with fellow professionals by joining the United Nations IGF Blockchain Assurance & Standardization Dynamic Coalition Mailing List
4. Join the GBA Voting Working Group to actively work on the standard and become integrally involved with the development of these standards, assessments, and publication of assessment results.

Your participation in this collaborative effort will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of elections and voting systems worldwide. Together, we can build a more resilient, trustworthy, and inclusive democratic environment for generations to come.

Voting System Supplement



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