August UN IGF Blockchain Assurance & Standardization Meeting Summary

On Monday we had our second meeting. You can watch the video of the meeting at this link: 2023-08-21 IGF BAS DC Meeting Video.

Please provide your comments, suggestions, and questions using our Google-Group Mailing List, about:

  • Proposed criteria, initiatives, proposals to provide assurance on solutions based on blockchain technology.
  • Comments on the GBA Blockchain Maturity Model; and
  • Specific examples of initiatives aiming at building trust on blockchain technologies in the thematic areas defined for the 2023 UN-IGF.


During our meeting, there was a question regarding the work and meetings of the IGF-Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance and Standardization (IGF-DC-BAS), and those of the GBA Working Group on International Organizations.

Given that many participants had already disconnected when the question was addressed, we are including below the relevant clarification:

  1. IGF-BAS

    2.  Government Blockchain Association (GBA), Working Group on International Organizations

The GBA is a non-profit professional association hosting & supporting the UN-IGF-DC-BAS with freely and publicly available resources developed by the association.

The GBA Working Group on International Organizations:

  • Is comprised of members who are also members of the IGF Dynamic Coalition of Blockchain Assurance and Standardization.
  • Addresses blockchain-related topics, initiatives, projects associated with the work of international organizations, including the UN-IGF.
  • GBA welcomes anyone to join its working groups in accordance with the corresponding membership requirements of the association; and
  • Membership to GBA is free for civil servants, $49 for students, and $299 for everybody¬†else.


    3.  Membership in the GBA is not a requirement to be part of the IGF BAS DC

GBA members work together to develop work products and resources that are made available to the UN IGF BAS DC. While there are advantages in being a member of GBA, this is not in any way a requirement for joining and participating, fully, in the IGF Dynamic Coalition.

We hope this information is helpful in clarifying this matter and preventing any potential misunderstandings.

Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio & Gerard Dache
Dynamic Coalition Co-Leaders
Blockchain Assurance & Standardization
Internet Governance Forum

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