Monopoly Reception Game

Get ready to experience a Crypto Monopoly evening.

The reception at The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law will be Monopoly-themed.

All FoMGL attendees receive Jurat Tokens and a wallet on Thursday of the conference. Attendees will be able to download a wallet and receive some Jurat Tokens (ordinals) which can be used at the reception.

The Jurat ordinals will transfer to Monopoly money for the night. NFT property cards can be traded with other guests to make a set of the same color and earn rewards.

Take a Chance! As in the Monopoly board game, players will be able to play a Chance card. This could bring rewards or ZONKS.

Go to Jail! Yes, you will have the chance to go to jail in this game. Hang out with notorious criminals.

What is the purpose of this game? To have fun with your networking, to promote member tokens, and to amass all the game wealth you can in one evening.

Want to help? Donations are needed to fund the prizes. If you would like to sponsor the game for any amount, please go to and designate ‚ÄėFor the Monopoly Game‚Äô in the form. Sponsor‚Äôs company names will be incorporated into the game. 100% of all donations designated to the Monopoly Game will be spent ONLY on the Monopoly game.

Does your organization have a TOKEN? We would like to feature GBA member tokens in the game. To have yours represented, please send the name of your organization, the logo, and the name of your token to Specify that this is for the Monopoly game. Donations are encouraged, but not necessary. We will use many of these tokens in the game but cannot guarantee them all.

The suggested dress code for the reception is early 20th-century Industrial Revolution chic. Think, the little Monopoly man in a top hat, (or 1930 elegant). But feel free to come as you are.

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