2018-12-15 GBA HCWG Minutes

Government Blockchain Association (GBA)
Healthcare Working Group Minutes
December 15, 2018


Gordon Jones
Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes
Javier Vazquez
Mirko De Malde (Call Moderator)
Maria Marenco
Sam Nathens
Wassim Merheby
Gerard Dache (Scribe)

Brennan Bennett
Miles Vaughn
Ruth Amos
Seth Pichette
Susana Esteban

Topics Discussed:

  1.  Introductions РThe group welcomed Dr. Gordon Jones and Dr. Javier Vazquez to the working group.  Please review the links of attendees (above) for a description of their background and credentials.  We are indeed very fortunate to have such knowledge, expertise, intelligence and wisdom in this group. It is truly an exceptional group.
  2. Organ Donation Project – Mirko commented on how important it was to highlight WAssim’s Dhonor¬†Project.¬† He said that it was important that we not just talk about the potential use cases. But, we let people know about mature, working¬†blockchain solutions that are making an impact in saving lives.¬† The Dhonor¬†project is an exciting and impactful project involving using blockchain technology to facilitate blood and organ transplants.¬† Wassim also announced that the project was launching a revenue-sharing model that enables a wider group of stakeholders to benefit from the project. We agreed that we need to spin up a separate¬†project to focus on it.¬† Gerard asked Wassim to write a blog or document that summarizes¬†what the GBA Organ Donation Working Group project is and why GBA members should get involved.¬† Gerard will promote the project through¬†the GBA website platform and on social media¬†to gain attention and visibility¬†for the project.¬† Mirko and Wasim will coordinate to set up a second call to focus on Dhonor.
  3. Architecture Structure & Assignment Review
    1. We reviewed the overall structure and made a change by separating out business and cultural challenges.
    2. We confirmed that the GBA Blockchain Foundations Course would be a prerequisite for the Healthcare Courses.  Review the current draft of the new GBA Foundations Couse Draft 1.1  (Note: this is still being refined).
    3. We also discussed who wanted to take leadership/ownership for various models.
    4. The results of that conversation are listed in the  HC WG Training-program Project Plan.
    5. However, this plan is still a draft (please feel free to update it to include your preferences and willingness to volunteer).
  4. Next Steps
    1. Please log into the GBA site and review the HC WG Training-program Project Plan and update it with the modules that you would volunteer to lead or participate on the team.
    2. Use the folders to begin to collect the module description, learning objectives and possible content for your modules.
    3. Ingrid Vasiliu-Feltes asked all of the group members to review the content in Module 08: Blockchain in a Value-Based Healthcare System and provide your feedback in the comments section at the bottom of the page.
  5. Miscellaneous Notes
    1. Mirko may not be able to attend the call next week.
    2. Gerard suggests that we cancel the call for next Saturday because many people will be on vacation with their families and friends

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