2019-02-20 Mining & Cryptocurrency Minutes

Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group’s Docs 02 Minutes 2019-02-20 Mining & Cryptocurrency Minutes


Discussion Topics

  1. Preston asked several questions about the use of Ethereum.  Gerard explained that this was an experiment and an opportunity to figure out how to develop a utility token for an organization. Preston asked how we could be doing an experiment on a proven blockchain like Ethereum?  Joshua and Gerard stressed that since this technology is moving so fast, we need a concept that will allow us to adapt to future technologies.
  2. We reviewed the GBA Token Requirements. The requirements appear to be straight forward. No opposition to the requirements.
  3. Gerard will work with Preston to begin developing the data model and strategy to harvest the data from the GBA website (member data) and the user interfaces
  4. Joshua will use SimbaChain to begin designing the smart contracts and blockchain infrastructure.
  5. We will review the work that Preston/Gerard draft (Preston will send Gerard an invitation for early next week).
  6. We will review the designs next week on the Wednesday call.
  7. The next call will  be Wednesday at:
    • 4:00 PM Denver
    • 6:00 PM Washington, DC
    • 11:00 PM London

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