GBA Token Development Requirements

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GBA Token Functional Requirements

  1. Token Vault

    1. The Token Vault shall start with one billion tokens.
    2. Tokens shall be created using the ERC-20 Token Protocol.
    3. The Token Vault shall distribute GBA Tokens to the Token Distribution Oracle (TDO) every month on the 15th day of each month at 12:00 AM.
    4. The number of Tokens shall be one hundred times the total number of active GBA members for the previous calendar month.
  2. Voting System

    1. The voting system shall allow each GBA member to cast up to five votes per day to other GBA members.
    2. The Voting System shall not allow anyone to vote for themselves.
    3. The Voting System shall enable GBA members to vote for GBA members based on their contribution.
    4. The Voting System shall enable GBA members to vote for a predefined reason and allows for comments.  The predefined reasons are:
      1. Leadership (Strategic)
      2. Leadership (Tactical)
      3. Leadership (Individual Initiative)
      4. Expertise (Competent)
      5. Expertise (Trainer)
      6. Expertise (Master)
      7. Team Player (Influencer)
      8. Team Player (Connector)
      9. Team Player (Reliability)
  3. Token Distribution Oracle (TDO)

    1. The TDO shall have a box where the contributor can recommend how many tokens should be voted based on the weight of the contribution.  
    2. The TDO shall retrieve the number of weighted votes awarded to each GBA member.
    3. The TDO shall distribute tokens to each GBA member based on the number of votes they received compared to the total number of votes cast in a month.
    4. The distribution shall be made by adding up the total number of votes and dividing the votes by the monthly distribution (See Distribution Table).
    5. Each month, the following roles shall receive GBA tokens based on the following schedule:
      1. Executive Director / President – 4 times the average distribution of Tokens to awardees
      2. GBA Core Team Leaders – 3 time the average distribution of Tokens to awardees
      3. Regional / Division Leaders – 2 times the average distribution of Tokens to awardees
      4. Chapter / Working Group Leaders – average distribution of Tokens to awardees
  4. GBA Token Wallet

    1. The Wallet shall be available for download when a potential member signs up for a free trial.
    2. The Wallet shall allow GBA users to exchange tokens with each other.
    3. The Wallet shall allow GBA members to use their tokens towards things like membership, conferences, training, or participation in special projects.
    4. The Wallet shall exist distinct from the ecosystem, so that if a member does not renew their membership, they still retain control of their tokens.
  5. Token Pricing

    1. GBA shall accept FIAT currency, cryptocurrency, and GBA Tokens for membership, training, products, and services.
    2. The value of the Tokens shall have an equivalence in terms of other currencies, by establishing a price in terms of the GBA Token.
    3. Tokens shall be used to establish different tiers of pricing for more popular working groups or for more group participation.
    4. When Tokens are traded for services from the GBA, they shall be bought back by the company to be used for their own uses.
  6. Token Exchange

    1. The GBA shall not list the Token on an exchange until the regulatory environment is defined to the point that the GBA leadership has confidence that it can be done in full compliance with relevant legal, regulatory, and statutory requirements.