GBA 100K Developer Program Overview

The GBA Education & Training Working Group is planning to train  100,000 blockchain developers in 2020. The program is designed to link GBA Chapters with GBA Blockchain Development Training Organizations and GBA Blockchain Platforms to work together to achieve the goal. This program will be formally announced during the 2020 Future of Money, Governance & the Law Conference at the United States Capitol.

Problem Statement (Why this project is important)

There is currently a global shortage of blockchain developers. Many projects are stalled because of a lack of technical resources. This impacts every industry, government, and potential solutions.

Program Goals

  1. Increase revenue opportunities for GBA Training Partners and members.
  2. Improve GBA brand recognition to benefit all GBA members
  3. Significantly improve the capacity and availability of GBA blockchain solution providers
  4. Collect and distribute 100k training leads to GBA members.

Program Mechanics

  1. GBA lists the training provided by GBA members on the GBA Member Course Catalog.
  2. GBA promotes the training catalog through social media, press releases, and direct email campaigns
  3. When someone requests more information about one or more classes, they are linked to the Find Blockchain Training Form.
  4. Once they complete the form, the contents of the form are recorded in our database and forwarded to GBA members based on the routing criteria described in the GBA Training Leads Master List.
  5. GBA Support Staff will follow up to ensure that training leads are being able to have their training needs met.
  6. GBA will report on training metrics during the Education and Training Working Group Calls.


Training Partner – A GBA organizational member that has satisfied the requirements listed on the GBA Training Partnership webpage.