Membership Benifits

Membership Benifits

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a community and a platform that helps members connect, communicate and collaborate to find blockchain based solutions to government requirements.  GBA members do this by joining local chapters and global working groups.  GBA members can post content in our information library to let the world know about their work and projects.  They can also post their publications (books, articles, presentations).  They also receive GBA member provided complementary and discounted products and services to GBA members.

Civil Servant Free Membership

Civil servants join for free and get instant access to other government officials interested in blockchain and world-class solution providers around the world.  They also have all of the same benefits as professional members.

Professional Membership

GBA professional members join an elite community of blockchain professionals around the world.  Professional members may:

  • Be listed in the GBA Membership Directory.
  • Join Local Chapters
  • Interreact with government and industry blockchain professionals in Working Groups
  • Promote events on our Public Calendar and get discounted pricing on GBA hosted events
  • Publish news and information in our Information Library
  • Receive special notices about blockchain opportunities, jobs, funding and projects
  • Download and use the exclusive GBA Member™ logo on their resume or websites and link it to their listing in the GBA Member Directory.

Student Membership

We respect and appreciate students. They are the next generation of blockchain professionals. Students may access all of the same benefits as the professional level of membership at a reduced price.  However, students must use their school email address to qualify for reduced pricing.  Students also have access to internships to support GBA working Groups and Leadership. GBA student members interested in internships should contact GBA.

Organizational Memberships

Organizations (or groups) may apply for membership and if approved receive a bundle of professional-member user-accounts and access to the all of the same content and benefits.  Additionally, organizations may promote themselves in the GBA Organizational Directory.  They may also promote their organization in the following directories:

Concierge Services

GBA members may purchase a bundle of hours per week for a dedicated GBA staff resource to configure and use the site to promote the member’s products, services or goals.  This person is a dedicated relationship manager and can use the website to connect and communicate with other GBA government and industry professionals.  This person can use the social media and marketing capabilities of the platform to achieve specific member defined goals including promotion, outreach, networking, facilitation, resourcing and content creation for blogs, articles and other forms of communications.  To purchase GBA Concierge service, complete the form below.


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