Revised GBA Blockchain Legal Training Outline

Working Group Members,

We are in the process of revising the legal training. Attached, please find the revised legal training outline. You will find that it still incorporates many on the components of the previous legal training; however, we added some more legal principles and regulatory information. We also added more information on how blockchain technology will impact the legal profession.

We are in talks with state bar organizations to provide continuing education credit for this course. We would like you to review the outline and provide feedback. Please keep in mind this training is supposed to be eight hours (one day), so we can we have to carefully choose the information we include in the training. The revised outline is on the GBA Legal Training Group page and attached to this communication.

Please do not worry about formatting issues and any grammatical issues. These will be cleaned up in the content and editing phase.

Please provide comments back to me by January 29th at my email:

Thank you.

Eric Guthrie, Esq.