Working Group Presentation Schedule

Working Group Leadership Team’s Docs Working Group Presentation Schedule

Each Working Group is expected to produce one or more presentation that can be used by Regional & Chapter Leaders around the world. The goal of the presentation is to be informative and educational (to attract people) and to showcase GBA member solutions as examples of the educational content. The Chapter Leaders use the presentations to develop local communities and to connect the blockchain profession in their geographic areas with the working groups.

We are asking the working group to support the chapter leaders and to use these opportunities to promote working group members, solutions, and activities.

Month Topic Working Group Presentations
Jan Voting Voting Voting
Feb Healthcare Healthcare Healthcare
Mar Gaming Gaming Gaming
Apr Banking & Finance Banking & Finance Banking & Finance
May Digital Asset Management Digital Asset Management Digital Asset Management
Jun Identity Management Identity Management Identity Management
Jul Cybersecurity Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
Aug Investors & Startups Investors & Startups Investors & Startups
Sep Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI) Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Oct Smart City Smart City Smart City
Nov Land Titling Land Titling Land Titling
Dec Blockchain Standards Standards & Certification Standards & Certification