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CA-178, Mountain Mesa, CA, USA


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Experienced W3 and DLT Architect – Actively seeking a W3 team to compliment * W3 Infrastructure Architect – Wireless Autonomous Massive Wireless Network (WAMNET) * Blockchain (DLT) – Architect * Tokenomics is not Economics – Author * Blockchain Consultants – Founder * Architected some of the first DLT Native Workflows – (2018) Workflow and Exchange design for Swift Harvest. One of the first DLT Native Workflows in Agriculture. Swift Harvest received a 40 million dollar offer 6 months after our engagement (2019) Delivery Chain, in the LTT Logistics Industry, Workflow, and DLT design for proof of location (POL) application using Proof of Proximity (POP) for Less Than Truckload (LTT) logistics * Host, Moderator, and Facilitator – Blockchain Weekly * Featured Speaker multiple Blockchain Events * Panel Moderator multiple Blockchain Events * Active Government Blockchain Association Contributor Social Media – Please Connect at or or @BlockchainWeekly – 480-442-3244 text or WhatsApp Looking forward to connecting! Michael's Resume / CV – here – Blockchain, DLT, W3, Strategy, Start Ups, Entrepreneurship, Business Development, Marketing, Management, Social Networking, Strategic Partnerships

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Actively seeking a W3 team to complement

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Artificial Intelligence, Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Government / Military / Defense, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Insurance, Legal, Manufacturing, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations, Real Estate, Smart Cities, Telecommunications, Transportation / Distribution / Railway

Use Case Experience

Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Asset Management, Budget Management, Data Analytics, Disbursement Management, Electronic Medical Records, Financial Crimes, Financial Instruments, Identity Management, Information Management, Intellectual Property, Property Management, Records Management, Sanctions, Service Design / Optimization, Security, Supply Chain Management, Voting / Election Systems, Other

Blockchain Development Experience

EOS, Ethereum, Hedera Hashgraph, Hyperledger Fabric, Other, Stellar

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Cardano, Chainlink, Dash, EOS, Ethereum, Evers, IOTA, Litecoin, Monero, NEM, Ripple, Steemit, Zcash, Other

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Political Appointee, Government Contractor, Other