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Kinshasa, République démocratique du Congo


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From Escaping war torn Eastern DR Congo in a very horrific manner to ending up in the mining industry in South Africa, i was inspired by the resilience of the nature and got very much interested in issues related to global warming and the wellness of my fellow human beings. having a background in blasting engineering and close to 7 years in the mining sector, i was exposed powerlessly to the crual destruction and disruptions of the environment by big engineering conglomerrates whose sole objective was to make money and money only. Then i thought deeply how could i be blindly influenced and driven by a pecuniary vision with absolutely no love for future generations…is money the only thing our children and grandchildren can inherit? this question led me into deep self discovery and the roalcoasters of life made me realize that the biggest heritage we can leave to these folks is a good environment, a safe planet; but how do we attain that ? with millions of possibilities given to the human brain and capabilities, nature conservation and preservation is one of them. i then found myself into the occupational health and safety industry and i am currently drafting the very first occupational health, safety and environmental regulations for my country the DR Congo through the Ministry of labor. it is imperatively impossible to dissociate humans and their environment, one can serioulsy affect the other, both positively or negatively. After numerous campaigns and raising awareness on the importance of keeping our streets clean and not dumping plastic trash in the Congo River, i found myself once again misunderstood, a real confirmation of the "Me against the world" theory. i decided to take the bull by its horns by launching Recoplast Congo in Kinshasa, all we do is collecting and turning all types of plastic waste into plastic beams, a great alternative for ordinary wood that helps us kill two birds with one stone : fighting both plastic pollution and deforestation at the same time…sustainability is key here, so is the business model that we have chosen to not only protect the planet but also to make revenues in the process and creating employment opportunities for the youth and women. I believe the definition of "A better place for all" starts from there…

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we cannot talk about sustainability without mentionning integrity, this secret recipes is always overlooked by most decision makers, both in the public and private domains. how to we get to that? i believe Blockchain is the Answer and i know for sure that integrating such technology in the value chain of our processes, from sustainable logistics to circular economy and embedding such principles in monitoring permanently our planet while figthting against climate change, no sector of life would come out loser. I am here to learn, learn and learn.

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Education /Training, Environmental & Waste Management, Mining

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Supply Chain Management

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English, French

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