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Citizen Warrior Foundation


Executive Director, Founder


Fort Lee, NJ (Greater NY Metro Area) 07024; Miami, Florida 33131


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As the leader of Citizen Warrior Foundation, I am honored to collaborate with individuals who possess far more experience than myself in the design, development, and application of various types of emergent technologies. I consider myself the problem finder and solutions best-guesser, with deep experience in foreign disaster relief and federal contracting around the world within Life Sciences through my former SME Multinational. Through my work, I have identified substantial pain points in the transference of funds, goods, and services from the US to various destinations. With the collaboration of our valued partnership network, we battle together to attack problems whereby effective solutions would have a materially positive impact on our country and those countries that receive aid from the US, NGOs, various Supranationals, and philanthropists/charities from around the world. Join us at Citizen Warrior Foundation to make a difference and help shape the future of emergent tech. Our efforts are made possible through the support of generous investors, philanthropists, and entrepreneurs who share our commitment to promoting justice and fairness in these new systems. Let's work together to build a more just and virtuous future for all.

Professional Goals & Objectives

We're a recently founded 501(c)(3) Private Operating Foundation on a mission to promote justice and competing in emerging technologies like blockchain and decentralized finance, while purging emergent tech of its predators. Our current investigations include Celsius and FTX. Our organization is dedicated to preserving civil liberties, promoting civic responsibility, and bridging the gap between emergent tech and culture. We believe that by working together with entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and potential partners, we can make a meaningful difference and help shape the future of emergent tech. We aim to form a private/public sector committee to guide the future of Web3ID to safeguard consumers in DeFi, expedite mass adoption, and prevent the erosion of civil liberties. At Citizen Warrior Foundation, we also aim to form a cultural education emergent tech think tank. Through our dual pronged approach, pursuing moonshots and the basic application of novel stacks of existing blockchain technology coupled with AI, what we can solve problems that have persisted since time and memorial. If you are interested in supporting our mission to promote justice and competition in emerging tech, we invite you to visit our website at, connect with us here and on LI. We offer opportunities for passionate volunteers to get involved in our initiatives and make a difference in their communities. We present our work in an adorably cheeky and delightful way. Enjoy!

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Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Education /Training, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Government / Military / Defense, Healthcare / Medical / Medical Devices, Other

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Financial Crimes, Supply Chain Management, Other

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