Meet (in-person) Blockchain Impact Players in and for Government!

Meet the advocates in government that are funding, building, supporting, and promoting blockchain solutions in government. Conference partipcants include government leaders and the private sector that support them. Speakers come from all levels of government, as well as multinational organizations like the United Nations. National and local government policy makers, legislatives, regulators, and administrators will connect with the innovators and trail blazers that are driving innovation and change.

Speakers Include:

  • Keynotes

    • Blockchain Co-Inventor – Scott Stornetta
    • GBA Chairman Emeritus – Bryant Neilson

    Public Sector

    • United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund, Chief Information Officer -Mr. Dino Cataldo Dell’Accio
    • National Science Foundation (NSF), Director – Dr. Barry Johnson
    • Utah Governor’s Blockchain & Digital Transformation Task Force Member – Ms. Amelia Gardner
    • Florida Special District Commissioner – Mr. Doug Liles
    • Liberland, U.S. Representative – Kathleen Alcorn

    Private Sector

    • AlphaFin, President – Adel Elmessiry
    • AlphaGrowth, Founder – Bryan Colligan
    • American Power Net, Founder & CEO – Scott Helm
    • Aumaan Space & Defense, Founder – Javon Swint
    • Blockchain Legal Institute, CEO – Jacqueline Cooper 
    • Bretton Woods Committee, Member – Greg Johnson
    • Bufficorn Ventures, Venture Steward – Russell Castagnaro
    • Clinical Squared, Founder & CEO – Marquis Allen
    • Cogent Law Group, Attorney – Eric Guthrie
    • DeVOTE DAO, Chief Executive Officer – Eugene Morozov
    • Digital Legacy Foundation, Philanthropist – Adryenn Ashley
    • Equideum Health, Founder & CEO – Heather Flannery
    • Fedscoop, Reporter – Nihal Krishan
    • FORMFREE, President – Eric Lapin
    • Gardencity Polytechnics, Nigeria, Lecturer/Consultant – John Allison
    • Government Blockchain Association, Executive Director – Gerard Dache’
    • Guardrail Technologies, President – Shawnna Hoffman
    • Hyperledger Foundation, Vice President (former) – Ms. Silona Bonewald
    • Intelligent Water Services, Founder/CEO – Jennifer Loudon
    • Jurat Blockchains, CEO – Mike Kanovitz
    • Newsmax Media, Inc., Weekly Columnist – Ralph Benko
    • Oracle, Executive Program Director, Government and Education – Sandy Barsky
    • Pacific Dialogue, Owner – Bob Miko
    • Penn State University, Professor & Coordinator of Supply Chain Mgt Projects – Justin Goldston
    • Plato AI Network, Managing Director – Bryan Feinberg
    • Power Meta Corp, Global Business Development – James Gray
    • Sciuridae Drey, Principal – Mark Waser
    • Solve.Care, AI Solutions Consultant – William Crawford
    • The Blockchain Academy, Chairman – Bryant Nielson
    • Tatum, Chief Executive Officer – Jiri Kobelka
    • UBTS International Corp., CEO – Armand Gaetan NGUETI
    • Voatz, Chief Executive Officer – Nimit Sawhney
    • Wintergreen Research, Principal – Susan Eustis
    • Yeshvik Solutions, Principal Consultant – Dr. Yeshwant Muthusamy

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