Blockchain & Infrastructure

Building Blockchain for Government

September 29 & 30, 2022, Washington D.C.
@ The National Press Club

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Until Blockchain & Infrastructure 

This event will focus on providing government acquisition professionals with the knowledge and framework needed to evaluate and select high-quality blockchain solutions. It also equips solution providers with a roadmap to distinguish and differentiate their offerings from the hype and vaporware products in the marketplace.

Topics include:

  • The State of Infrastructure
  • The State of Blockchain & the Law
  • Blockchain Infrastructure Use Cases
  • Funding Blockchain Projects
  • Selecting Blockchain Platforms
  • Building & Maturing Blockchain Solutions
  • Censorship Resistant Communications
  • Conflict Resilient Supply Chains
  • Document & Data Integrity
  • Resilient Election Systems
  • Resilient Energy & Utility Grids
  • Resilient & Secure Health Systems
  • Resilient Transportation Systems
  • Securing IT Supply Chains

Blockchain & Infrastructure 2021