Blockchain & Infrastructure: The Rise of A.I

Experience the Future – September 28 & 29, 2023

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Discover the future of blockchain and infrastructure at the highly anticipated Government Blockchain Association conference, themed ‘Blockchain and Infrastructure: The Rise of A.I.’ Join us in Washington D.C on September 28 and 29, 2023, as we bring together industry leaders, diplomats, and visionaries from around the globe. This groundbreaking event offers unparalleled opportunities to network, engage in thought-provoking discussions, and gain invaluable insights into the transformative potential of blockchain technology and its intersection with artificial intelligence. Be part of this dynamic gathering and shape the future of the digital economy. 

Powerhouse Participants:

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Public Sector

International Organizations

  • Inter American Development Bank (IADB)
  • United Nations
    • Digital Transformation Working Group
    • Internet Governance Forum
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
    • Joint Staff Pension Fund

National Governments

  • Austria Ministry of Finance
  • Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation
  • India Ministry of Economics
  • Israeli Ministry of Economics
  • Liberland
  • Philippines Ministry of International Trade
  • Slovenia Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
  • South Africa Financial Intelligence Center
  • United States
    • Department of Commerce
    • Department of Defense
          • Defense Innovation Unit
          • Defense Logistics Agency
          • US Army
    • Department of Treasury
      • Federal Credit Reporting System (FCRS)
      • Internal Revenue Service
      • Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
      • Office of Financial Research
    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
    • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)
    • Federal Housing Finance Agency
    • House of Representatives
      • Alabama 2nd District
      • Massachusetts 3rd District
      • Texas 33rd District
    • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
    • National Credit Union Administration
    • National Institutes of Health (NIH)
    • National Institute of Science & Technology (NIST)
    • National Science Foundation (NSF)
    • Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)
    • US Government Publishing Office
    • Veterans Affairs

Costa Rica Local Governments

  • Municipalidad de Pococí

US State & Local Governments

    • California
      • Riverside County, Office of
    • Colorado
      • Colorado Innovation Agency
      • Colorado Town of Erie
    • District of Columbia
      • Department of Insurance, Securities, & Banking
    • Utah
      • Governor’s Blockchain & Digital Task Force
      • Utah County
    • Florida Special District
    • Illinois
      • Springfield (City)
    • Maryland
      • Maryland Department of Taxation
      • Montgomery County
      • Frederick County
    • New Jersey
      • Raritan Township Municipal Utilities Authority
    • Tennessee State Government
    •  Virginia
      • Department of Motor Vehicles
      • Fairfax County

Private Sector

  • AlphaFin
    American Power Net
    Aumaan Space & Defense
    Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors
    Blockchain for Science
    Bufficorn Ventures
    Ciphertrace, a Mastercard Company
    Clinical Squared
    Cogent Law
    Crypto Asset Technology (CAT) Labs
    Deep Analysis
    Delta Strategy Group
    Digital Dollar Project
    Digital Web
    Doug Sanford Photographs
    Equidium Health
    Facil Firm LLC
    FEDScoop, CyberScoop
    General Dynamics Information Technology (GDIT)
    Graystone Capital Advisors
    Guardrail Technologies
    Inspired Hacking Solutions, LLC
    Intelligent Water Services
    Jurat Blockchains
    L4S Corporation
    Leadingbit Solutions
    Marsh McLennan
    Medapptic, LLC
    Perkins Coie LLP
    Plato AI Network
    Pontovinte Software
    Power Meta Corporation
    Sciuridae Drey
    Showell Ventures & Consulting
    Slay Ventures
    Solve.Care Foundation
    Swain Techs
    The Blockchain Academy
    UBTS International Corp.
    Vietnam Blockchain Corporation
    Walacor Corporation
    Wintergreen Research
    Yeshvik Solutions LLC
    Yugen Partners

Non-Govt Organizations (NGOs)

  • Blockchain Assocation of Cameroon
  • Boston Blockchain Association
  • Digital Dollar Project
  • Global Digital Asset Cryptocurrency Association
  • Government Blockchain Association
  • Red Cross
  • Utah Blockcahin Coalition


  • Gardencity Polytechnics, Nigeria
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Penn State University
  • The British University in Dubai
  • University College, London


  • Deep Analysis
  • CyberScoop
  • FEDScoop
  • Newsmax


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