Blockchain Maturity Model

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The Intro to Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) Course provides students with a basic understanding of the purpose, structure & content of the GBA BMM. It also provides an overview of the BMM assessment process along with the ways that the BMM can be used by blockchain professionals, solution providers and organizations.

This course is a prerequisite for the BMM Deep Dive Course and the Intro to BMM Assessments Course. All three courses are required to be listed as a BMM Consultant or to be qualified to participate in a BMM Assessment.

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$1150 (Non-Member)

The goal of the training is to describe the purpose, objectives, and processes for managing and delivering BMM Assessments.  The BMM assessment training will: 

  • Explain the purpose and objectives for conducting a BMM Assessment 
  • Describe the BMM Assessment Process 
  • Describe the qualifications for participating in a BMM Assessment 
  • Explain how the BMM Assessment program is managed and maintained. 
  • Describe the educational, and experience requirements, and career path for becoming a BMM professional. 

This course is ideal for blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals seeking to become a BMM advisor, a BMM assessor or work in blockchain-related fields.

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$949 (Member)
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The goal of the training is to help you understand the different levels of blockchain maturity and the corresponding stages and criteria for self-assessing and improving your organization’s blockchain solution. The BMM deep-dive training will explain the:

  • Purpose, goals, and objectives of each BMM element
  • Criteria for achieving the goals for each BMM element
  • Factors that influence each blockchain maturity level
  • Approach for self-assessing your organization’s blockchain maturity
  • Criteria for improving your organization’s blockchain maturity

The training would also include case studies of organizations that have successfully implemented blockchain technology.

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$949 (Member)
$1150 (Non-Member)

This one-day class provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to conduct a BMM Self-Assessment. Students who take this class will be able to plan, conduct, are reporting the results of a BMM Self-Assessment. They will be able to develop an action plan to resolve gaps between the current state of their solution and the BMM expectations.
This course is ideal for members of an organization that is beginning their blockchain maturity model-based improvement journey.

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The Introduction to BMM Course is ideal for blockchain enthusiasts, professionals, and individuals seeking to become a BMM Advisor, as a consultant, BMM Assessment Team Member, Assessment Team Leader, or work in a blockchain related fields. 

To complete the Introduction to BMM Course you must complete three classes. They are:

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