Blockchain Maturity Model

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Gaming - AXES Integrity (Level 1) -
Assessment Points of Contact
Solution POC Nicolas Tremblay
POC Contact
Lead Assessor Frederic de Vaulx
Solution Information
Blockchain Solution Axes Integrity
Description / Scope The solution enables AXES AIMS platform users to verify the integrity of the data in the report they generate on the platform. This will be achieved through a smart contract in a secure environment that guarantees data integrity and data privacy.
Version/Configuration ID 1.0
Current Phase Planning
Solution Layer (Layer 1 or Layer 1&2 or Other) Layer 1 Application
Infrastructure Cloud + Blockchain
Network Protocol Ethereum
# of Nodes + 2,000
Supplement (Financial, Healthcare, Identity, Supply Chain, Voting, Other) N/A
Blockchain Type (Private, Public, Hybrid) Public
Industry Gaming

Information Integrity

Data Verification & Validation

Compliance Reporting

Assessment Metadata
Name and contact information of the BMM Assessment Partner Government Blockchain Association
Assessment ID Number 1
Start & end date the assessment March 23 – April 31, 2023
Assessment Results:
Element ratings All Elements Rated at Level One.
Solution maturity rating Level One