A Renaissance in Public Education Built Into Digital Currency

The GBA Symposium on the Future of Money, Governance & the Law will include a discussion about #DigitalNativeAcademicCredits. As part of that discussion, former software engineer and current high school principal Nadav Zeimer discusses his upcoming book which details how the creation of digital cash could lead to a renaissance in public high schools.

Just as Bitcoin offers a distributed ledger securing digital currency, #DigitalNativeAcademicCredits are a “gold standard” decentralized ledger of academic earnings. Such a system takes the ability to define credits out of the hands of politicians who tend to water them down to show annual gains just as the government cannot help printing money and eventually devaluing currency. The key distinctions that drive Mr. Zeimer’s analysis are (1) the difference between capitalism and consumerism, (2) a critical distinction between having a job and doing work, and (3) the shift from a mechanical to a digital means of economic production.


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