Help Define the First Web3 Gaming Standard

Government Blockchain Association releases its first draft of a globally recognized standard used to evaluate web3 games for integrity and trustworthiness. It is part of a family of standards called the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM). The BMM identifies characteristics of a blockchain solution that must be present for a blockchain-based game to be trusted. It describes five levels of maturity from proposal to globally deployed solution. The BMM Gaming Supplement provides a roadmap for game developers to build reliable web3 games and for individuals to evaluate games.

The GBA is a global association of thousands of public & private sector blockchain professionals that bring together regulators and innovators to promote Web3 technologies and solutions. With members in over 500 government offices and over 50 working groups and hosting the Blockchain Assurance & Standardization Dynamic Coalition of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum.  

The GBA Gaming Working Group includes over 30 digital blockchain and gaming subject matter experts. The group has worked diligently for the past year developing blockchain-based standards. The group has just released the first draft of the BMM Gaming Supplement that provides a roadmap for gamers to build reliable games and to evaluate those games. The BMM and the Gaming Supplement together define the standard for trusted games. The group is currently seeking feedback and comments on these two documents.

The group is also looking for blockchain game projects that would like to pilot a BMM Assessment and have their game listed on a global directory of Trusted Blockchain Solutions.

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