Identity Management Working Group

Uniting Blockchain Solutions to Safeguard Identity with Precision and Privacy

About Identity Management Working Group

The purpose of this group is to work with the many identity management organizations, frameworks and standards and try to bring the blockchain solution providers together around common protocols to identify people, places, and organizations while protecting the privacy of individuals. This groups studies how you can make the needed information while protecting the sovereignty of the identity data.


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Real World Applications

The United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund is a fund established by the General Assembly of the United Nations to provide retirement, death, disability and related benefits for the staff of the United Nations and the other organizations admitted to membership in the Fund.

As an independent inter-agency entity, the Fund operates under its own Regulations as approved by the General Assembly and, in accordance with its governance structure, is administered by the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Board, which currently consists of 33 members, representing the 25 member organizations.

EarthID is an award-winning Decentralized Identity Management platform that allows secure and frictionless exchange and verification of identity information.

EarthID helps organisations reduce identity frauds, and save time and costs associated with customer onboarding processes, while ensuring privacy and regulatory compliance. Powered by third-generation DLT, Artificial Intelligence and latest biometric security, EarthID provides a Universal ID Solution that is resistant to cyberattacks and compliant with global Data Regulations like GDPR and PDPB.


Meet The Experts

Priya Guliani

I am the EMEA Director for Government Blockchain Association (GBA), a global non-profit organization focused at promoting blockchain technology. I am an impact entrepreneur and advisor to an impact fund and start-ups. I have >10 years of corporate industry experience delivering digital and business change projects, both in the public and private sectors. I am known and respected for leading and managing complex projects with multi-disciplined teams working collaboratively to deliver valuable business solutions. I build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect. I am passionate about inclusion and sustainability. I am an author and international speaker in innovative technology and sustainability space.

Shiv Aggarwal

Shiv is the CEO of MyEarth.Id, solving the problem of Identity Management using Cryptography and Digital Ledger Technology. Shiv is a technology entrepreneur, with a focus on products and services in niche areas. Shiv has been actively working in the Blockchain industry and has in-depth knowledge of Blockchain and Digitial Ledger technologies.

Jonathan Baha’i

Jonathan’s vision of a decentralized world, where everything is founded on trustworthiness and integrity to serve every one better, and is the driving force behind Peerplays.

Jonathan believes cryptocurrency and blockchain has the ability to change the world and allow everyone to live in a world without borders, and where the only limit is your own imagination. His mission is to make something that people want and need, and to do it on their terms. Humanizing blockchain so that everyone can use it, trust it, and access it where and when they need to is his goal.

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