The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law

Washington D.C.

May 2-3, 2024

(Art credit: ‘Stop the Traffic’ Acrylic on canvas by Kylo Hemmingway)

Cryptopoly Rooftop Reception

On May 2nd, 5:30-9:00 PMGBA will host a Cryptopoly Evening Reception- immediately following the Annual Achievement Awards ceremony.

Get ready to experience a Crypto Monopoly evening.

The reception at The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law will be Monopoly-themed.

On Thursday, during the conference, all FoMGL attendees will be instructed on how to download a Jurat wallet to receive some Jurat Tokens (ordinals) which can be used as Monopoly money at the reception.

Each reception guest will receive GBA original property cards, which can be traded with other guests to make a set of the same color and earn rewards.

Does your organization have a TOKEN? We would like to feature GBA member tokens in the game. To have yours represented, please send the name of your organization, the logo, and the name of your token to We will use as many of these tokens in the game as possible but cannot guarantee which ones.

Take a Chance! As in the Monopoly board game, players will be able to play a Chance card. This could bring rewards or ZONKS.

Go to Jail! Yes, you will have the chance to go to jail and hang out with notorious criminals.

What is the purpose of this game? To have fun with your networking, to promote member tokens, and to amass all the game wealth you can in one evening.

Want to help? Donations are needed to fund the prizes. If you would like to sponsor the game for any amount, please go to and designate ‘For the Monopoly Game’ in the form. Sponsor’s company names will be incorporated into the game. 100% of all donations designated to the Monopoly Game will be spent ONLY on the Monopoly game.

The suggested dress code for the reception is early 20th Century Industrial Revolution chic. Think, the little Monopoly man in a top hat, (or 1930’s elegant). But feel free to come as you are.

 Limited tickets are available for purchase.

Game Instructions

  1. Download Jurat Wallet App: To begin playing Cryptopoly, download the Jurat Wallet App on your iOS or Android device. Follow the instructions provided to set up your wallet.
  2. Send Email to Banker: Once your wallet is set up, send an email to with your name and wallet address. This step is crucial for communication with the Cryptopoly Banker.
  3. Receive JTC Tokens: The Cryptopoly Banker will send you some JTC Tokens to cover gas fees required to play the game. These tokens are essential for transactions within the Cryptopoly game environment.
  4. Receive Game Pieces (Ordinals): In your wallet, you’ll receive game pieces known as ordinals. These are non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent properties similar to Monopoly-style property cards. Unlike traditional NFTs, ordinals store all associated data on the blockchain, ensuring authenticity and durability.
  5. Types of Ordinals: Your ordinals will come in the form of property cards representing various cryptocurrencies and tokens such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  6. Receive Game Assets: Upon starting the game, you’ll receive:
  • Some ordinal properties
  • Some physical property cards
  • A lump sum of game cash
  1. Buy, Trade, and Sell Assets: Utilize your assets strategically to maximize the value of your portfolio. Engage in buying, trading, and selling activities to enhance your position in the game.
  2. Spin the Chance Wheel: Throughout the game, the Cryptopoly Barron will invite players with specific assets to spin the chance wheel. This wheel offers prizes, additional assets, and the possibility of encountering game events such as going to jail, along with Sam Bankman-Fried.
  3. Win Prizes: At the conclusion of the game, players with the highest portfolio values will win prizes. The value of your portfolio is determined by the total worth of your assets within the game.

Note: Keep in mind that blockchain transactions have confirmation times that can vary. Your ordinals may not be immediately available and might require independent confirmation. It’s essential to consider this delay in your gameplay strategy.

Good luck and enjoy playing Cryptopoly!