Estonian Government May Lead The Way with Blockchain Innovation

Government adoption of cutting-edge technologies (such as blockchain) is sometimes oxymoronic; I can recall times in my own career when as soon as a federal IT program was declared ‚Äúfinished‚ÄĚ it was also declared ‚Äúlegacy‚ÄĚ.¬† Ouch. ¬† Estonia, however, although the size of only one North Americna large city, say‚Ķabout the size of Dallas, Texas, can still show us how to git ‚Äėr done, in spite of their relatively small population:

This article gives some great ideas; the progress made in Estonia should rightly earn their national government some top credibility.  Most importantly, they are using blockchain in ways that can be scaled to citizen populations of much larger sizes. This is key for the rest of us and I believe we can learn from their deployments, over the coming months.

Also, consider that in 2014, about¬†one third of the US federal payroll would become eligible for retirement before the end of 2017.¬† One may wonder how many of these retirements may not be re-filled.¬† This means that at least the US federal government (among others, no doubt) will need to do “more with less”… perhaps much more.

Blockchain is perfectly fit for this task.

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