A Perfect US Federal ‘Use Case’ for Blockchain Technology?

Clifford May is a commentator and political analyst; he is not a blockchain technologist, but he may have discovered a great application for this new technology.  In his May 17th article (Washington Times) he suggested that the challenge associated with a foreign national/worker program, that allows non-citizens to come to the United States and work … may not be that difficult to solve.  Of course, the challenge is much more than creating a list (or centralized database) and matching foreign workers to a job, and the original idea was not his own—it was credited back to a ranch owner/operator who desperately needed reliable ranch workers.

Government at work

My idea is to use a chain of linked data (via a permissioned blockchain) as the primary core of the program vice a chain-linked fence; this solution has characteristics of a perfect blockchain use-case scenario.  Let’s call it the Guest Worker Enablement Blockchain, or GWEB.   Consider that…

  1. Identity of a worker is a major part of the use case;
  2. Their identity could be tied to a red ID card, with the convenience of a credit card; (see article);
  3. This will be issued by the US Federal Government;
  4. It will be used at various and sundry border crossing locations;
  5. It would be hacker proof, or as secure as distributed ledger technology can be;
  6. Once a worker has been granted “worker status” he or she would need to be able to prove this if his card is lost, stolen or challenged, by simply having the local authority check the applicable blockchain.
  7. Border crossing is already slow; any solution here would need high speed networking;
  8. The Customs and Immigration Service in the US is in sore need for modernization with a technology based solution that is both simple and elegant.
  9. The card does not even need to be used if the foreign worker has a smart phone and the correct app downloaded from the “DHS App Store”.
  10. Using smart contracts and other blockchain-based technology, each worker’s profile would trigger the correct downstream actions and reactions with regard to monitoring the program and even charging fees to applicable intermediaries and those businesses which leverage the program.

What do you think?  Why is this good or not so good?

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