Blockchain Uniting the United Nations?

How sweet that would be?   Could blockchain be used to help hungry nations to get the food they need.    As if this isn’t enough motivation, this may be an excellent way to account for, track and assure-the-delivery of—billions more in aid.  This is foreign aid that is often lost to black market warlords, gangs, and thugs.  No wonder Mr. Yoshiyuki Yamamoto of the UN’s office for Project Services (UNOPS) is exploring blockchain  alternatives!  The GBA has put in a call to him (actually …an email)  to see if our members may be able to help.


Can you imagine tracking every United Nations dollar-of-aid using a UN blockchain?  This is the kind of use case that gets so many in this field so excited.  And why not?

This is essentially a supply chain challenge and possible a micro-payments tracking challenge.  What makes this compelling is that cryptocurrencies such as M-Pesa are already becoming very widely used across Africa; it would seem that most citizens get bandwidth before they get a reliable supply of clean water and food.  This is where federal leadership (in second and third world nations) need to help their citizens by exploring technology that effectively bypasses the criminals who would otherwise steal needed supplies.


These two articles will give you specifics.

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