Delaware at the forefront of corporate law (with new blockchain law)

¬†¬†This is important! ¬†The state of Delaware hosts more than one million business’ legal incorporation, which also includes over 60% of Fortune 500 corporations. ¬†This according to ¬† This is because…”Delaware‚Äôs courts, tax system, laws, and policies have made it an attractive state for businesses to incorporate in since at least the early 1900s”.

Now for the blockchain news… according to, “The state of Delaware has passed amendments to state law that make explicit the right to trade stocks on a blockchain, according to multiple sources familiar with the matter.” here are the details or at least the few that we have at this point:

The Government Blockchain Association agrees with the state’s staff who worked diligently to bring this about: this is worth celebrating. ¬†Congratulations to them for leading at time when it is not only necessary but even critical, if blockchain technology is going to make a difference. ¬†with this exertion of leadership and vision, 2017 has a chance of becoming “the year of blockchain adoption”.

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