Samsung Pay Integrating Digital Currencies on All Their Devices and the Galaxy S10 is the Guinea Pig

According to reports in Korea, Samsung Pay wants to offer a crypto wallet on all their smartphones. Currently the Samsung Pay community has 10 million users and that just in South Korea alone. The launch of the new smartphones, will be a boost in popularity for the crypto wallet in South Korea. As we mentioned previously, Samsung believes that smartphones are more trusted in storing cryptocurrencies because of a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). If a wallet is stored on a Windows or Mac, malware can be introduced to their operating systems very easily. By Samsung integrating a new crypto wallet on the Galaxy S10, this could prove that the security of TEE is a big factor in keeping data safe. Although Samsung hasn’t made any official announcements, every company and investor will benefit from this. Samsung will be more appealing to millennial users, since they feel that digital currencies are efficient and easier to use.

Originally posted on the Cryptolitics Website.

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