GBA Website in Over 30 Languages

Rapid Global Expansion

In preperation for the global expansion resulting from the GBA support of the United Nations Internet Governnce Forum Dynamic Coaliton on Blockchain Asurance e& Standarization, the GBA website is now translated into over 30 different langagues. It should open in the native language of your browser. If it does not, then just select your prefered langague from the pop-up list in the bottom left corner of the website. In that capacity, the GBA will be hosting presentations, panels, round table discussions and open forums to the 100,ooo particpants from around the world at the 2023 IGF Meeting in Kyoto, Japan. The GBA has been expanding internatoanll and developing leaders around the world. Now, it is time that we build the technolgy infrasruture to support a global communithy.

Multi-Lingual Working Groups

Alejandro Mandujano has started the first spanish speaking GBA Working Group (GBA Contenido Educativo de Blockchain en Español) with a task of translating GBA content like the Blockchain Maturity Model into spanish.This is the first working group of many more to come as we continue to support people groups from around the world.

Aided by Artifical Intelligence

In addition to the the great work of people like Alejandro and his team, GBA members have been hard at work developing AI tools to support our global community. For example, Plato Data has developed tehnolgoy that collects massive amounts of data from around the world and provides research tools for GBA members. The tool also translates data into over 30 languages and distributes it for syndication. Check out the  GBA AI Paltform.

From Washington to the World!

Join us at Blockchain & Infrastructure on September 28-29, 2023 in Washington, DC. We will be talking about Blockchain, Artifiacl Intelligence, and the work we are doing to support this technolgy in the United States and around the world! See the:

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