2019-02-04 Education Working Group Minutes

02 Meeting Minutes 2019-02-04 Education Working Group Minutes

  1. ¬†Tom Burke’s role has been upgraded to Admin
  2. We reviewed the process for uploading content to the GBA Education Working Group Site.
  3. Presentation materials to be maintained on the GBA site until they stabilize and then will be moved to Dropbox with a link for access.
  4. The executive course should focus on Enterprise solutions.  ICO information will be addressed in the legal course.  There will be some content promoting visionary topics and then let the students do a shark tank event to let students discuss it in how they would/could implement a blockchain solution.
  5. Gerard will add content for the future vision portion.
  6. Tom has a whitepaper on enterprise implementations for government contractors. He will upload it to the reference folder so that the rest of us can review it.
  7. As soon as the handbook is in the final draft, we will submit it to the WG and training providers for review and comment.

All project related documents for this project are maintained https://gbaglobal.org/groups/education-working-group/docs

Any questions about this project should be directed to Tom Burke or Bryant Nielson