BMM Resources

The centerpiece of the BAS-DC is the Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM)

The BMM is a framework to evaluate the trustworthiness of blockchain solutions. It is a comprehensive and detailed structure that provides a roadmap to solution developers while providing confidence to investors, customers, and acquisition officials in blockchain solutions.  Solutions that have been assessed by BMM Assessment Partners are publicly posted on a directory of “Trsuted Blockchain Solutions” that is showcased by the United Nations IGF BAS-DC. In addition to the BMM, GBA Working groups are developing a suite of BMM Supplements that are applicable to specific industries. They include:

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Banking & Financial Services
  • Gaming
  • Healthcare
  • Voting
  • And, many more will be developed over the next year…

The United Nations IGF BAS-DC is the global advisory board that guides BMM development and maintenance.

Digital Asset Management Resources

The GBA Digital Asset Management Working Group is developing a course and certification for anyone that is responsible for the development, management, oversight, regulation, administration, or law enforcement of digital assets. The course and certification includes topics such as:

  • Introduction to Digital Assets
  • Digital Asset Taxonomy
  • Digital Asset Accounting
  • Digital Asset Legal Requirements
  • Internal Controls and Risk Management
  • Token-Economic (Tokenomic) Considerations
  • Taxation

Domain Resources

Artificial Intelligence

Banking & Financial Services



Identity Management

Land Titling

Licensing & Permitting

Smart Cities


Blockchain Technology Resources

The Blockchain Application Archectecture Working Group is working on a Blockchain Technology Certification Course. This course is being developed by experts from many blockchain ecosystems and being peer reviewed by the global community. Check back here for details as inforamtion about it is made availalble.

Legal Resources

GBA Legal Resources

Blockchain Legal Institute